Diablo Wiki Updates

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I’ve updated the following pages on the wiki…

Blizzard Representatives

I’ve added the following employees from blizzard:

Jay Wilson and Chris Metzen

Please if you have any more information feel free to add it to the wiki!



Bashiok Forum updates

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Bashiok made a few more forum updates on the blizzard forums today, and I’ve added them to the wiki. Looks like the amount of corpse lying around after a run won’t be too much 😦

Hopefully corpse exploding is still being discussed, I loved that ability 😀 especially in the cow levels!

Anyways to see the new forum posts check out the wiki, Blizzard Representative: Bashiok.

Ex-Blizzard North Employee talks about the development of Diablo 3

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It seems the development of Diablo 3 didn’t go the way Blizzard North had set it out for in early 2003.  Michael Huang makes comments on the direction of the development before and after 2003 when he left the company.

Click below to see his personal blog where he discusses Diablo 3.

Michael Huang’s Personal Blog on the Diablo III Wiki
Michael Huang’s Personal Blog

Diablo II/Diablo II LOD doesn’t require a CD anymore!

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You don’t need the diablo II CD to play online or offline any more- although you do require the 1.12 Diablo patch and a valid CD-Key for online play.

If you already have the game you can download the game for $20 US from the blizzard store or you could just download the game from torrent at isohunt. ( Downloading the game with a valid cdkey is acceptable and not illegal- since you do own the game)

Although using cracks and cdkey generators are not! Respect blizzard. Respect their games- Buy them!

This is the best time to start playing catch up if you haven’t tried the diablo franchise and get ready for Diablo III.

Spent the last 3 hours updating the Q&A on Diablo III Wiki

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So for the last 3 hours I was scrummaging through old message logs from battle then and the world of warcraft forums just to grab little tibits of information about diablo III from the community manager…

Well, all the information is also added to the wiki page now under the Community Manager (Q&A) Link
Feel free to check it out lots of information about diablo III.


I’m beat!

Off to bed.

Welcome to the Diablo III Wiki Blog

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This website blog will mostly be about my diabloiii wiki website.
I’ll rant and throw on updates about the wiki itself 🙂

If you have comments about the wiki itself, please send them in.
I would love to hear them.